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I installed the Skinomi TechSkin screen protector on my Droid about 2 weeks ago, and I have to say that it is a wonderful addition to my phone. Installation was a breeze and was nowhere near as complicated as other reviews for this product seem to state. Yes, you need to care about the process and be willing to give it your full attention for about 4-5 minutes (that's how long it took me to install it, from set up to clean up).


There are clear instructions for how to install it on your phone, including for your phone to be powered off for 12-24 hours. I actually left my phone on during installation and never turned it off; you just have to be careful to not let any of the liquid from the included spray bottle go into the earpiece speaker hole. Also, I was liberal in applying the liquid to my finger tips, which helped immensely in preventing any fingerprints. Immidiately after installation, I could see a few micro bubbles under part of the screen protector, but all these disappeared within 48 hours, and now I can barely tell that there's an extra layer of protection on my Droid.


Before installing the TechSkin, I noticed that here was a small ledge or edge between my Droid's screen and the metal bezel surrounding the screen. Occasionally I would be on a phone call with the Droid pressed against my ear and I would feel this edge digging into my ear, and I found it moderately annoying/painful. The Techskin, after installation, makes this edge much less sharp by bringing the level of the screen up to the height (barely a millimeter, mind you) of the bezel. I feel this was an unintended benefit, as my Droid is a whole lot more comfortable to hold to my ear now.

Also, the TechSkin makes the Droid's screen a whole lot less fingerprint-prone. Before installation, I would find myself cleaning the Droid's screen several times a day. Now, it seems to not attract or show fingerprints anywhere near as easily.

To reply to S. Bagherinezhad's review, yes, I did too notice the "rubberyness" that was mentioned in his/her review, but after two weeks of daily use, either I am no longer noticing this use, or the TechSkin has had a chance to completely cure and harden to the point that it feels smooth and has zero stickiness or rubberyness to it whatsoever. I think that when the TechSkin is new and freshly applied, it may feel a little rubbery, but it fades with time. The protection factor though, does not.

Would I recommend this to a friend with a Droid? Yes, I most certainly would! The ease of application coupled with the added layer of protection for one of the best screens out there on a touch-based phone is much needed.

Tip: when installing, make sure to wash your hands just before spraying them down with the included solution/liquid. Also, be sure your desk or table top is clean and dust free. Take your time and prepare, and your TechSkin will be crystal clear in just a day or two. Good luck! Skinomi TechSkin - Screen Protector Shield for Motorola Droid

I purchased this skin and got it applied successfully. It worked well until it got bumped in to a wall and got some paint smears on it. I couldn't get them out so I figured I would take advantage of the lifetime guarantee. When you go to their website they tell you the first step is to register the product, but the product registration link is invalid. I emailed them and never got a response back. I figured I'd try their return policy and see if that got me anywhere. When I clicked on the "Return" link, it was Error 404: URL not found.

It is clear to me that they have no intention of supporting their products once they are sold. It's a good product, but if the company won't stand behind it, I'd go somewhere else for my screen protector. I will never do business with them again.

Glad I read the reviews of some of the others here.

I applied mine, keeping everything wet with the spray. My squeegee card seemed to have sharp edges so I used an old credit card to move most of the bubbles out. Alignment was no problem and it fit perfectly.

There were a bunch of areas of cloudiness due to micro-bubbles. But, three days later, every one is gone, somehow evidently leaching out through the film itself. The finish is now 100% perfect and only distinguishable from the hard screen by a slight softness of touch.

Have to agree with the previous reviewers, read the directions, clean everything well with a lint free cloth, use plenty of spray, don't press too hard with the squeegee and take your time - no need to rush. Great product.

This is a great skin. It fits very well almost hitting all the edges perfectly. Like any screen protector, it takes patience and being careful to get a perfect result.

Don't be afraid to spray a lot on the sticky side, and always get your fingers soaked with the applicator spray (your fingers will dry as you apply the screen protector after awhile, so make sure you reapply). Don't try to force out all the bubbles, just get the big ones and all the excess liquids out. The smaller bubbles and the micro bubbles will disappear in a week or 2 (I have had mine on for a week and there is only one small bubble filled with micro bubbles left).

Just be patient, I think I washed my hands about 5 times while getting everything set up, then continuously made sure my fingers were soaked with the spray.

As for the screen protector itself, I have not gotten any scratches on it at all, and it feels like a high quality screen protector. Very pleased with this one. - Skinomi - Screen Protectors - Screen Protector - Droid Screen Protector'

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